Best 7 Refrigerators in India

In today’s time, the refrigerator has become a necessity for every household. Today you cannot live even a day without a refrigerator. That is why today we are talking about the Best Refrigerators in India.

The refrigerator helps to cool the water for drinking in the scorching heat. It is used to store fruits and vegetables as it retains its freshness.

When one thinks of buying a refrigerator, it becomes difficult to decide which fridge to buy, especially when we need to think about our budget and the long-lasting fridge.

The decision to choose a refrigerator depends on storage capacity, type of refrigerator, family size, budget, eating habits, location in your house.

Being a long term investment, we recommend considering three key points – Type, Capacity, and power consumption while purchasing a refrigerator.

1. Type and Capacity

Single door, double door, side-by-side door, and triple door are some of the different types of refrigerators. Capacity represents how much storage space is present in the fridge. Below are general guidelines that help you choose the best refrigerator according to your needs.

Suitable For Type Capacity Price Range
Bachelors Single Door Less than 200 liters 10,000 to 15,000
Couples Single Door 220 Liters 13,000 to 20,000
Small Families Double Door 250 to 300 Liters 20,000 to 25,000
Medium Families Double or Triple Door 280 to 350 Liters 25,000 to 35,000
Large Families French or side-by-side More than 350 Liters 45,000 to 1 lakh

2. Power Consumption

“Power consumption” also varies based on the energy efficiency of the refrigerator. Usually, single door refrigerators consume 30% less power than other types. It is usually represented in the form of BEE star rating. Higher the rating, lesser the power consumption.

Note: Few refrigerators come with in-built stabilizers. But if you live in a locality where power cuts and high voltage issues regularly, it is better to install a  “stabilizer” to protect your refrigerator.


For further detailed information on how to choose a refrigerator, we recommend reading our “BUYING GUIDE“.

Based on those factors, we have provided a list of the “Best 7 refrigerators” in India. If you haven’t got much to spend on analysis, you can pick anyone from this list.

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